Exceed Your Client’s Expectations, Skyrocket Your Biz and Attract New Clients by Becoming a Money Mindset Coach!

Ever wondered why two clients with similar situations get wildly different results? One follows your plan down to a T and moves closer and closer to their goals, the other may stick to the plan for varying lengths of time but inevitably sabotages themselves in one way or another.

Learn how to understand WHY clients behave in certain ways and how to communicate more effectively in order to uncover their true values and deepest desires. Arm yourself with tools to guide and support them through this journey.

Ultimately, helping your clients understand their financial history and their relationship with money will get them better results aligned with their values and goals, make them raving fans AND help you grow your business, serve more people and achieve your goals. It’s a win/ win for all parties.

We know you got into the industry because you deeply want to help and serve others. But, the educational requirements, trainings and resources for financial planners are heavily weighted towards the practical elements. You have the best technical training, however if you cannot effectively understand what is driving your client’s behaviour, the best financial plan in the world simply will not work.

This is why we Created the Money Mindset Coaching for Goals Based Advice Course .

Price - $1997

Now $997


In this course you will learn how to:

  • Get to the heart of your prospect's true goals and increase your conversion rate
  • Understand why nothing has changed since your last review and your clients haven’t followed the strategy
  • Be able to provide them with tools to change their patterns and behaviours so they do follow the strategy
  • Understand the science behind why people behave in certain ways around money and what's getting in their way
  • Seamlessly incorporate this into your financial planning process 

Join Amie Baker, Director and Financial Adviser at Rekab Advice and Cara Mollica, Director of Savvy Wealth and former Certified Financial Planner®, both Money Mindset Coaches in an 8 week program which will catapult your effectiveness in serving your clients and skyrocket your biz.

Amie Baker

We will work through the science behind the subconscious mind, how our brains work and how this is related to people’s financial decisions. Why unknowingly, our financial history, our internal programming and conditioning and the stories we have on repeat in our subconscious mind are in the driver’s seat and dictating our financial reality.

You will learn how to get to the heart of your client’s values and goals, uncover where they are getting in their own way and sabotaging themselves and how to guide them to overcome this and ultimately lead them to better outcomes.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn over the 8 weeks:


Introduction and understanding the science behind the subconscious mind and how the brain works





Why it’s so important to support your clients in getting crystal clear on their values and goals and how to do this

Understanding your client’s financial past, money history, stories and habits providing both the client and you with greater awareness.







Recognising ego driven behaviours trying to keep your client safe and how to help them befriend their ego

How to guide your client through shifting and releasing old patterns

How to provide your clients with the tools to create and cement new habits and beliefs







Incorporating this into the financial planning process and further understanding the benefits to the client and adviser

Business planning – adding values to your clients lives and your business

Bringing it all together, wrap up and ongoing support


I know you are probably tired of the continuous professional development and education. This is a completely different approach, never before offered to Financial Planners in Australia. It isn’t simply a theoretical course, you will go through the process yourself in order to fully understand how powerful it is and learn how to guide your client’s along this journey.

This will absolutely give you an edge with so many more tools to empower your clients. Imagine how amazing it will feel to be able to serve your clients on a deeper level and share in their incredible journeys.

Price - $1997

Now $997


Exceed Your Client's Expectations, Skyrocket Your Biz and Attract New Clients by Becoming a Money Mindset Coach